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Porchetta-style pork loin


COOKING TIME: 1h and 20 min

Porchetta-style pork loin

When talking about Sunday lunch, the first thing that springs to mind is roast, often pork, or better still, pork loin! You will have guessed that today we are presenting a classic and timeless recipe: arista, or pork loin roast. Apparently the Italian name for this dish originates from the exclamation of a Greek cardinal, who after tasting it in Florence, exclaimed "Aristos", or "the best", and from that moment on, the Florentines referred to this cut of meat using the same word. Pork loin is ideal cooked in a pan, just like in the recipe with milk and oven roasted too, but you need to pay attention to a few and simple tips on how to keep the meat succulent! We invite you to discover all the secrets to preparing a succulent pork loin roast with Chef Cesare Battisti, who puts the fundamentals of his cuisine to practice in this dish: the importance of the ingredients and the clarity of flavors.


  • 1.5 kg (3 lbs) of pork loin on the bone

  • 6-7 cloves of garlic

  • 1 carrot

  • 2 stalks of celery

  • 1 onion

  • 2 sprigs of rosemary

  • dried wild fennel flowers

  • 1 glass of white wine

  • extra virgin olive oil

  • salt

  • pepper

Cook the unpeeled garlic cloves in a little salt water seasoned with a hint of pepper and fennel flower. Finely chop the rosemary and garlic, then add salt, pepper and fennel flowers.

With a very sharp knife separate the bone from the loin without detaching completely, sprinkle the herb mixture in the cut then press the meat back onto the bone again and bind carefully.

Fry the meat on all sides in a skillet with oil, deglaze with the wine and allow to evaporate, then transfer to a preheated oven at 180 °C (350 °F) for 40 minutes.

Add coarsely chopped carrot, celery and onion, and continue cooking at 160 °C (325 °F) for about an hour, stop the sauce drying out too much by adding a little hot water.

When done, remove from the oven, leave to cool a little, untie the meat, slice and sprinkle with the previously filtered roasting juices.



Diadema Rosso IGT Toscana


Our most representative wine was born from the selection of the best grapes grown in the sunny hills of Tuscany: Diadema Rosso is the perfect union between the main variety of Tuscan enology, Sangiovese, and the best expression of Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah in a wine rich in elegance, structure and complexity, a worthy representative of the best expression of the enological Tuscany.


Dark ruby red in color, Diadema Rosso stands out on the nose for its complexity and aromatic richness; the notes of ripe fruit blend perfectly with the balsamic notes of aromatic herbs; the spicy nuances give a fresh and intense bouquet. The taste is rich, enveloping with soft and silky tannins capable of transmitting elegance, character and an excellent expression of the fruit. The long and very persistent finish gives the sip gustatory length and a prospect of great aging.




L’Olio Extravergine di Oliva IGP, frutto della

The IGP Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the result of cold pressing in Fattoria Villa l'Olmo, is a blend of Moraiolo, Frantoio and Leccino. The manual harvesting and the expert processing of the fruits constitute the fundamental heritage to obtain our extra virgin olive oil, a characteristic Tuscan oil, renowned all over the world for its organoleptic qualities. The meticulous attention paid to the product from the earth to the bottle allows you to bring drops of Tuscany gold to the table. Its color is intense green at the beginning and tends to turn yellow towards time. On the nose the aromas recall green vegetable notes with round final sensations and an evident bitter note. It is always present on the taste accompanied by a spicy sensation. An oil with character but balanced and an ideal companion in the kitchen.

* fonti: Toscana in Cucina - Paola Baccetti, Laura Giusti, Franco Palandra

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