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My daughters Giulia and Livia like to say that Diadema was born from a dream, I prefer to say that it was born from a vision and a desire: dreams don't always come true, visions and desires come true with tenacity and dedication.

Vision of creating a label different from all the others, we are in 2004 and the wine labels were made of paper with images of villas, castles or vineyards; the manufacturing process was long and complex both in making the molds so that the Swarovski crystals could be perfectly set one by one and not simply glued, and in finding companies that could set the crystals.



We guarantee that even if a single crystal is missing, the bottle will return to the company and be replaced.

Desire to innovate the world of wine by honoring the nectar of the Gods with a label that gives preciousness and value to the great work that wine requires from the field to the cellar.

After 20 years from the first vintage of Diadema we can say that dream, vision and desire has come true while always maintaining the initial image and collecting over the years international and national awards of the highest prestige that make us all proud: from those who work in the vineyards, to those works in the cellar, to those who travel the world to promote Diadema.



Each link in this chain would be nothing without the others . 


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