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Red Diadema and Aurum Colatum Diadema

Diadema rosso comes from the idea of ​​making the bottle precious while respecting the wine as a large painting has a frame that honors it



Villa L'Olmo by Diadema is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot carefully cultivated in the vineyards of Impruneta.


Champagne Selected Diadem

Diadema Champagne Selected is the result of the desire to keep the level of our product high by selecting a small vigneron in Cote de Bar that has our same philosophy

Grappa Unique 2 prodotto-PhotoRoom-4.png

Unique Grappa Gran Riserva

Unique Grappa Gran Riserva is our desire to share an historical family heritage with all Diadema Lovers

i tre damare grafica .jpg

Diadem Damare

DAmare sees the light to enter the HO.RE.CA. world with a product that can be uncorked with more ease

OLI 2024.jpg

Diadema, Fattoria Villa l'Olmo Fattoria di Collefertile

Diadema Olio ennobles our centuries-old production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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