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customize the back label

Do you want your special DIADEMA bottle to become truly UNIQUE ?

Do you want your gift to recall a special memory or to express one of your thoughts or feelings?

Do you want to make a date, a person's name or an event indelible?


We have the right solution



of the back label of your bottle


We have chosen for you a very delicate and elegant detail to give your gift the precious uniqueness it deserves.

Acquista personalizzazion


How to do it ?


In this section, choose the Diadema product you prefer and in the "back label customization" field enter the text you want printed on the back.

Make sure the text is spelled correctly (you can also buy different products with different customizations) and then buy it. We will immediately receive your order with the customization request and immediately process it.

You will receive your precious Diadema product at your address according to the shipping times.


If you are a company and you want to print your logo and have a personalized quote, contact us directly by writing to and we will give you our immediate feedback.


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