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Unique, the Grappa Gran Riserva born from Sangiovese Toscana grapes,  is distilled with an artisanal method by feeding the distillation system in a non-continuous way.

Unique is characterized by the unique label in the world.


The postcard that distinguishes it is part of the family collection.
The reasons why this bottle of grappa is Unique are many ...

It is Unique because the label is a postcard written and franked in a historical period ranging from 1880 to 1940.

It is Unique because it brings with it a story, not only of the era in which the postcard was written, but also of who was the protagonist of it.

By purchasing Unique you will own a unique item.

Appreciate our Grappa and keep the postcard as a reminder of a piece of history.


In the artisanal distillation the Master distiller intervenes in each cooked personally; for this reason the products of artisanal distillation have a great personality and are always unique.

Aging for five years in oak barrels allows the grappa to acquire an intense, elegant amber color; on the nose there are notes of honey, tobacco, raisins and dried, while on the palate you can feel the pleasantness of persistence




* We have created a transparent pocket to allow you to easily extract the postcard and be able to choose whether to have it on the side of the image or on the side of the text with the original stamp "


label with historical postcard

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